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Q: How is this program different from other nutrition programs?

A: This is not a 30 day challenge or fad diet.  The Outliers Nutrition program paves the way for a lifetime of healthy eating through incremental steps. These steps allow for the development of behavioral changes that are essential for long term success. Rather than a purge then crave approach, this plan allows for a steady introduction of healthy, easy to prepare menu options while gradually decreasing unfavorable food items.  Only 10% of the population is successful with huge step-change, the other 90% are successful with smaller steps and many small “wins.”  Psychologically, it feels great to succeed week after week with small, sustainable behavior changes.

The Outliers Nutrition Program will help you achieve a healthy way of eating in stages that can greatly increase the likelihood of long-term success. By following the program day to day, you will decrease the amount of unhealthy food you consume while increasing healthy food choices and all without having to go “cold turnkey” or purging your house of all “not so good” food in one swoop.


Q: So you don’t support 30 Day Challenges?

A: Although a 30 Day Challenge can be a starting platform to better eating, it generally still creates an all or nothing scenario and calls for the severe restriction of certain foods.  Anyone can give up or restrict certain foods for a short period of time. Yet, unless unhealthy choices are replaced with healthy choices that satisfy, most individuals will fall off the wagon and go back to eating those “bad for you” foods either before the diet timeline expires or as soon as it is over.  That said, I do utilize 30 Day challenges occasionally to incorporate behavior change (the last challenge I embraced and encouraged was a movement challenge -something those of us who spend a fair amount of time on a computer need).

My goal is to help you find a nutrition plan that works for you, gets you the results you want, and that you can live with today and always.


Q: Do I have to follow a strict diet of foods?

A: Absolutely not!  Although there are foods that I will recommend you eliminate or limit, your nutrition plan will be driven by your goals.  The meals in the program are basic. Some individuals may want less rigid choices, others may want more stringent. Some may want to give up dairy, others may not.  I’ve added a variety of meal suggestions in the program, but if you find something you and  your family really like and want to repeat it, by all means, go with what works for you – as long as it gets you to where you want to be.


Q: Will this program work with kids?

A: Absolutely! If the changes are made slowly and a big deal is not made out of the changes, there’s a good chance your kids may not even know what you’re doing (like when I replaced the “only” syrup my 2 picky eaters would eat with syrup that did not contain high fructose corn syrup and they never noticed the difference).

When we changed the way our family ate, I was certain our children (ages 7 and 9 at the time and very picky eaters) would resist the changes. I learned a few very important secrets that made the transition not only easy, but fully accepted by our kids (and later our grand kids).   You’ll learn these tricks as well as be provided with lunch suggestions that will make transitioning away from typical lunch options easy and fun.


Q: What is the prep list?

A: To increase your chances of success, I have provided a prep list for each week of the program. This list will help you make sure everything is ready and in order for the upcoming week.  At first, give yourself a few days to prepare for the upcoming week. As you become accustomed to the program and your kitchen holds more of what you should eat and less of what you shouldn’t, the time needed to prep will decrease.


Q: Does the program provide weekly menus?

A: There are no set weekly menus as everyone’s tastes are different. Instead I provide a variety of meals to choose from. Mixing it up is optimal, yet select meals that will increase your chances of success. Each week, the number of healthier-for-you meals will increase until, by the end of week 9, all your meals will be composed of healthy, good for you food.  Healthier alternatives for snacks and treats will be introduced throughout the program to encourage a life-time of healthier choices in all areas (meals, snacks, and treats).


Q: Does the program provide weekly grocery lists?

A: I do not provide a weekly grocery list for two reasons:

  • Part of your ability to continue eating healthy for life is knowing what to buy and getting into a routine of having healthy choices in the house. Each recipe has a list of ingredients; knowing what you already have in your kitchen and only adding the items you need to your grocery list will reduce the likelihood of extra, unused items accumulating in your pantry or refrigerator.
  • There are no set meals for you to follow each day. You will decide each week what you want to eat by selecting the meals that meet your needs and tastes. It would be impossible to create grocery lists for every possible combination of meals.


Q: What about the food I already have in the house?

A: This plan does not require you to go through your kitchen and purge it of all “not so healthy” foods. It allows for the elimination of those foods as you see fit with a schedule built in not to replenish them. You may want to start off clean by eliminating traditional pre-packaged cookies, chips, candy, and other such foods from your house or, if this is going to be a challenge for you, you may want to leave those items in the pantry and slowly empty the containers, knowing you won’t replace them once gone.

You may choose to donate those pre-packaged meals or you may want to use that last box of Hamburger Helper for an unscheduled meal.  Whichever path you choose, the success of the program depends on you following the daily schedule for when to add “healthier for you” meals, snacks, and treats (regardless of what else you may have in your pantry).


Q: Can I eat out?

A: Absolutely! Remember, this program is designed to help you change your nutrition for life. It would be unrealistic to expect that you would never eat out again.  The program actually has built in “eat-out” days throughout the 9 weeks.  The trick to eating healthy isn’t to avoid restaurants, it’s to select restaurants and meals that will allow you to continue to reach your goal. We’ll talk more about how to eat out healthy during your program.


Q: Will I lose weight?

A: YES!  Most diet plans have it backwards. They promote lose weight and get healthy.  Actually if you start by eliminating foods that cause inflammation, fat storage, and insulin spikes, you will lose fat (and weight) as you get healthy.

Put simply: healthy food in healthy portions = a healthy body at a healthy weight.


Q: Do I have to give up all treats?

A: Not totally, but you will learn to rethink what kinds of treats are better for you.  Through this program you’ll discover new, healthier treats that are not chocked full of sugar, bad fats, and other nasty chemicals.  Recipes for “better for you” brownies, cookies, cakes, and pies are included with the program. They are all our family eats when we want something special.

*Although there are many recipes for treats that are far better for you than store bought or pre-packaged treats (as they do not contain high levels of sugar, trans fats, and wheat), they can still sabotage your waistline. Most of the treats in the recipe file are high fat (due to the almond or coconut flour) and should be enjoyed occasionally and in moderation.  The same goes for the treats bought on sites that offer healthier alternatives (like The items may have better ingredients and less chemicals than typical snack foods, but they should still be consumed only occasionally.


Q: What is the group program? How is it different from the other programs?

A: Research has shown group dynamics can aid in success when trying to make a lifestyle change. The Group Program allows you to work towards making changes along with friends, co-workers, or family members. Working towards a similar goal with a group can increase your chance of success as you will have an immediate social support network, you’ll be held accountable by individuals taking the same journey, and you’ll have a close group you can share ideas, successes, and disappointments with.  With the Group Model, you’ll receive the same great program for a discounted price in addition to your own private Facebook group.


Q: What happens during pre-consultation week?

A: During the first week we will gather information on you, your kitchen, your shopping habits, your social support, your goals, and the foods you will find it hard to give up.   You’ll receive information on Outliers Nutrition support pages and we’ll set up a date, time, and type of meeting for your initial consultation.


Q: What can I expect during the initial consultation?

A: We will go over the information you provided during the pre-consultation week.  We’ll review the 9 week calendar, discuss how to complete the weekly menu, and review your support network. If fat loss is among your goals, I will show you how to take baseline measurements to assure continuity when you do your weekly measurements.


Q: Can you give me advice for a specific medical condition?

A: Although I am a certified nutrition coach, I am not a dietitian nor do I have medical training. I can only offer general nutrition advice for best practices to achieve your goals. For any medical condition you may have, you’ll need to seek out the advice of a medical doctor.


Q: How do the weekly calendars work?

A: During your initial consultation, you’ll receive a 9 week calendar.  This calendar will have a prep section (which will list what you need to do for the upcoming week) and a 7 day action plan.  Each day, you’ll need to read your action plan and follow each item for that day.  If you stay true to the calendar and follow each day’s list, by the end of the 9 weeks you will be enjoying a plethora of “good for you foods” and will have eliminated unhealthy foods from your life.


Q: Where can I find recipes to support my program?

A:  During the initial consultation, you will receive a file that will provide enough recipes to get you through the 9 week program.  Outliers Nutrition also has a Facebook page (Outliers Nutrition Tips and Recipes) dedicated to posting recipes, cooking tips, lists of online healthy food shopping sites, and info on helpful products.

Also, the internet is full of websites and Facebook pages that offer a variety of recipe options.  These can be good options if you are comfortable selecting recipes that follow your nutrition plan and are comfortable with your cooking skills. You’ll find links to the ones I often use on the Outliers Nutrition Tips and Recipes page.

The absolute best thing about simple, clean meals is how easy they are to prepare. No worries on what order to add the ingredients, exact measurements, or strict ingredients. You’ll enjoy playing with the recipes to see what flavors, textures, and cook times work for you. Let the mad scientist in you play ~ make cooking what it was meant to be ~ fun!


Q: What if I have a question during my program?

A: I love questions!  You can contact me one of four ways:  you can send me a message from the Outliers Nutrition page,  post your question in the Outliers Nutrition Community, call or text me at 928-965-5411, or email me at


Q: Do I lose access to the community pages on Facebook when my program ends?

A: You may maintain membership in the Outliers Nutrition Community and Outliers Nutrition Community Tips and Recipes Group pages.